I was born in 1990 in New York of Polish and Venezuelian origines. I grew up in Poland, and as a teenager, i'd moved to France. Since, I lead a nomadic life.

In 2013 I've graduated in Clinical Psychology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) in Warsaw, with a Case Study on the effects of the art therapy on the welfare of prisoners suffering from PTSD. Simultaneously, I studied at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. I completed the 5 years education  in 2015, with a degree ( DNSAP ) show Immersion and a dissertation on plant perception.

Since few years, while developping the project of Breathing Symphony, I've travelled and took lessons from masters and specialists from various cultural circles, including Tibetan Yantra Yoga and Tsa Lung, holotropic breath, Hindu Pranayam, Siberian Buteyko method, Anapanasati meditation, breath connection with speech, free-diving, etc.
This knowledge is for me a starting point for further artistic explorations.
By analyzing traditional techniques and breathing records and transferring this information into a new language, I would like to make breathing sensitivity available in the wide field of the recipients of culture. The Breathing Alphabet is an ongoing process.

I realize artistic actions and run breath workshops.

Through my artistic explorations, I observe and create connections between the vibrating phenomena in the micro and macro universes; from the smallest living cells to the stars, in order to merge them in pictures and through sensations. The Light and Breath, through photosynthesis and oxygenation, appear to me as the foundations of life.  Photosynthesis equips us with Oxygen. A variety of spieces adapt their structure to light, thanks to which they create ecosystems I explore how reality appears to us: a world in which the light must always make its way through the darkness and where the act of breathing is essential to equilibrium. In a human's case, sensitivity to light is the basis for visual perception, the final result of which is the construction of a picture, constructed by the central nervous system. The phenomenon of the Eclipse, recalls us, that our vision can be easily obstructed or deformed.  As any given space begins in our cognitive apparatus, one should investigate within ourselves, to seek contact with the Universe. I invite to look inward, and to search the images behind our eyelids while we breath and retain the air.